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Round Table Feat Nino

Posted in Musik oleh d35ta pada Juli 16, 2008

Round Table (officially: ROUND TABLE) is a J-pop (Japanese pop) band known mostly for their anime soundtracks. They are most popularly known in the anime world for their hit single, “Let Me Be With You” – the opening song for the anime Chobits. The band was formed in 1997 with Katsutoshi Kitagawa (vocals, guitar, and bass guitar) and Rieko Ito (vocals and keyboard) as band members. In 2002, Nino joined as a guest vocalist. Nino provides the main vocals for the songs while Kitagawa provides backing vocals. Since then their songs have often been credited as “ROUND TABLE featuring Nino”. The name of the album April comes from Nino’s birth-month. (sumber http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ROUND_TABLE_featuring_Nino)

Official Website : http://www.round-table.jp

Sebagian besar lagunya dipake buat soundtrack anime Chobits, Welcome to the NHK, Aria Natural, Aria Animation,  Clamp in Wonderland 2, Hacklegend of Twilights Bracelet etc.

Lagu rekomendasi :

1. Beautiful~Hacklegend of Twilights Bracelet etc

2. Rainbow~Aria the Animation

3. Natsumachi~ Aria the Animation

4. Let Me be With You ~ Chobits

Coba dengerin lagu-lagunya yang ceria pasti jatuh cinta deh …



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  1. hendri pranata said,

    bner bos langsung jatuh cinta ma lagu2lagunya ak heeeeeee ^ ^

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